Putin aim in Syria 'to destroy Europe'

February 12, 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aim in launching an assault against the rebel stronghold of Aleppo, Syria, is not only to keep President Bashar al-Assad in power but to weaken Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany by flooding Europe with millions more migrants this spring and summer, warns a top European foreign-policy analyst.

The ultimate objective is to destroy the European Union, she contends.

“Merkel’s latest plan is for Turkey to stop the flow of refugees to Greece, which can no longer cope under the immense strain,” said Judy Dempsey, a nonresident senior associate with the Brussels-based Carnegie Europe and the editor and chief of Strategic Europe.

“But outsourcing the refugee problem to either Greece or Turkey is not a sustainable option,” she stressed. “In return for Turkey’s assistance, Merkel said EU countries, many of which have already refused to take in refugees or are closing their borders, would have to be willing to accept quotas of migrants.”

Putin’s action in Syria tests the 1985 Schengen Agreement, which committed the 26 nations of the EU to allowing passport-free travel across their borders.

With the more than 1 million Middle Eastern asylum seekers flooding the EU through Greece and Turkey last year, pressure is intensifying even within the EU to exercise a provision in the Schengen Agreement that would suspend passport-free travel for two years, “dealing a potentially terminal blow to a scheme that has been in place for more than 20 years,” as the London Guardian reported Jan. 26.

San Diego Bans Evoking the 'Founding Fathers'

February 11, 2016

The city of San Diego is being charged with taking political correctness to “a whole new extreme” by banishing the phrase “Founding Fathers” from the vocabulary of city employees.

“This brings it to a new level, without question,” said Brad Dacus, the chief of Pacific Justice Institute, which raised questions about the issue with the city and is challenging its censorship.

“When you can’t utter the phrase ‘Founding Fathers’ without possibly losing your job and you work for government, that is a sad day for free speech,” he told reporters.

In a letter to San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, PJI Senior Staff Attorney Matthew B. McReynolds explained the city’s new “Visual and Correspondence Style Guidelines” held a number of novel demands for city employees.

Including the banishment of “a number of words and phrases widely accepted in the English language.”

“Many Americans, including city employees, will no doubt be surprised to learn that the city considers them biased for merely mentioning ordinary words and phrases like ‘the common man,’ ‘mankind,’ ‘manmade’ and ‘man up,’ to name a few of the manual’s parade of horribles,” McReynolds wrote.

“Even more concerning is the manual’s promotion of style over substance, to the point that employees are encouraged to omit or alter relevant research, based on subjective interpretations as to whether it includes biased or non-inclusive language.”

He continued, “Most alarming, though, is the guidelines directive, on page 76, that city employees should refrain from mentioning those to whom we owe our most fundamental freedoms, the Founding Fathers. The manual’s inane attempt to recast the fathers as simply the ‘Founders’ reaches a level of political correctness, censorship and insensitivity toward time-honored American values that is indefensible.”

He said his organization has found “no less than 1,500 separate instances in which the Supreme Court and lower courts have invoked the ‘Founding Fathers.'”

“Their contributions are undeniable, and their voice indispensable to understanding good government,” he wrote.

Dacus told WND, “The city of San Diego has taken the PC movement to a whole new extreme, and it demonstrates how dangerous that kind of dogma can be to the First Amendment.”

#Beyoncé Super Bowl performance #DoubleStandard [VIDEO]

February 11, 2016


'Old Soviet Styled' Anti-White Propaganda in Schools Near You

February 11, 2016

It is the 21st Century, right? Americans have – for better or worst- elected a black President twice in the last 10 years? We’re long past first black federal judges, Secretaries of State, Academy Award and Pulitzer Prize winners. Common sense would indicate that a black President elected by a white voting majority and the same population that voted in an opposite party Congressional majority might actually be a sign of the equality that the Left is always whining about. Of course, if the last eight years taught us anything, it’s that according to our majority elected black President, Americans are a bunch of racist, evil, bigots who not only don’t know how good we’ve got it, but actively oppose those poor, hated minorities.

Case in point, according to KSLA News a Glen Allen Virginia high school recently forced their kids to watch a “White Guilt” video tastefully entitled, “Structural Discrimination: The Unequal Opportunity Race”, because that’s what Black History Month and Dr. King’s legacy is all about.


United Nations Issues Pro-LGBT Stamps

February 9, 2016

the United Nations actually believe they constitute some sort of government. They even issue stamps. 

Nigerians aren’t liking it:

Ambassador Usman Sarki of Nigeria gave a stinging rebuke to the UN Secretary General and the UN bureaucracy in anticipation of the roll-out of a UN postage stamp celebrating homosexuality and transgenderism…

Rages Sarki:

The UN should not take unilateral decisions on such sensitive matters that offend the sensibilities of the majority of its Member States, and contradict their religious beliefs, cultures, traditions and laws. If it must act in this fashion, the UN should promote issues that enjoy consensus and, at the same time, advance the dignity of people and their genuine human rights.

What’s he so angry about? At least Nigerians don’t fund this pernicious organization to the tune of $8 billion per year like Americans are forced to do.

Global Warming and Depressed Dogs

February 9, 2016

Across Britain, there are reports of down-in-the-mouth mutts, and under-the-weather canines.

Leading pet behaviourists told The Independent that the number of depressed and unsettled dogs they have seen in recent months is unprecedented.

Carolyn Menteith, “a dog behaviourist who was named Britain’s Instructor of the Year in 2015,” barks that

“People are quite happy to get their dogs out in frosty, hard weather but not when it’s muddy and horrible.” …

The lack of physical exercise – and mental stimulation that comes with it – is having noticeable consequences on the nation’s nine million dogs, she added.

Ms Menteith spends much of her time outside walking dogs and has noticed a significant change in the weather in the past five years or so – as cold, crisp winters gradually give way to “constant wet dreariness”.

She – like many scientists and meteorologists – puts this down to climate change and expects to see more bored dogs in the future as global warming unleashes increasingly frequent and intense bouts of winter rainfall.

If that doesn’t scare you into favoring higher taxes and still more excessive regulations, remember that global warming causes not only rainfall but also drought.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Declares 'Homicide' the Primary Cause for Murder

February 9, 2016

Check it out:

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee [D-Houston] held an informal press conference today announcing that her administration, through great efforts and much expense, had completed a decade-old study that focused on the cause of murders in the United States. She was reported as saying that the results were predominantly leaning towards “homicide” as being the primary cause for the murders. The congresswoman was quoted as saying;

“Datas (sic) uncover (sic) today give us a clearer portrait of a couple of possible cause (sic) for murder, but let’s be clear.. Changes in the atmospheres (sic) and combustibles (sic) also play a roles (sic) in how peoples (sic) are behave (sic). By continuing homicide (sic) and climate changes (sic) we are ascend (sic) ourselves to vulnables (sic), and we cannot deny that, Nor shall we, Nor shall I, Nor shall we all, So say we all (sic). End homicide and end climate change, and we end murder. THIS, we know.”


ISIS Training Manual - Look Like Western Christians

February 9, 2016

Samuel Smith for the Christian Post reported that a detailed Islamic State "secret agent" training manual had been distributed on the Internet. It was designed to provide prospective ISIS supporters in Western nations with ways to disguise themselves and their motives when trying to plan and carrying out "lone wolf" attacks and espionage missions.

The 71-page eBook made a number of recommendations on how best to do this. Proposals made to underground extremists in the West include the following:

- Not to show any signs that they're devout Muslims so that they do not raise suspicion from national and local law enforcement agencies.

- Not to grow their beard out, if they haven't already. If they have, then they are advised not to shave their beard completely because that would evoke suspicion from friends and family. Instead, the book suggests that supporters should trim their beards into fashionable goatees to fit in better with society.

- For female jihadis, the book advises them not to wear black hijabs and suggests that they wear colored hijabs, because women wearing black hijabs are more likely to be searched in an airport.

- If supporters need to communicate over the phone or Internet, it's important for them to use code words in order to throw off authorities. 

- If the sympathizers are communicating by letter, they should write in lemon juice, which the recipient can read by warming up the paper.

- ISIS supporters should change their Muslim names to something more Western and should act more friendly to help increase the chance that they get some kind of inside government job that will help them carry out their espionage objectives. For instance, a supporter named "Ali" should change his name to "Al."

- Using Western nicknames to gain more acceptance by non-Muslim colleagues.

ISIS is still actively pushing this strategy, especially now that anti-terrorism is so high a security priority worldwide. Early January, the Jerusalem Post reported the release of a handbook for 'wannabe' terrorists in Britain on how to blend in while planning a terror attack in order to avoid being detected by police.

Unemployed Oil Industry Worker Speaks Out Against Anti-Energy Protesters:

February 7, 2016

Folks in the Vancouver area have been protesting against an oil pipeline. This unemployed oil worker has a few things to say about it:


Gays Indulge in Heterophobia as San Francisco Diversifies

February 6, 2016

When Cleve Jones, a longtime gay activist who led the creation of the Aids Memorial Quilt, went to his local gay bar in the Castro district, he saw something that shocked him.

“The tech bros had taken over The Mix. They commanded the pool table and the patio. These big, loud, butch guys. It was scary,” he said. “I’m not heterophobic, but I don’t want to go to a gay bar and buy some guy a drink and have him smirk and tell me he’s straight.”

Imagine someone saying, “I’m not homophobic, but I don’t want to go to a regular bar and have sexual deviants give me creepy looks.” Concerned citizens would notify the Thought Police.

Residents of San Francisco’s historically gay Castro district are worried that it’s changing, as speculators come in to flip the few remaining ramshackle old Victorians and the old-timer gay bars shutter. In a recent small survey, 77% of people who have lived in the neighborhood for 10 or more years identified as gay, while only 55% of those who moved in the past year did. …

“When you lose the geographic concentration, you lose a lot,” Jones said. “We lose the cultural vitality, the political power – you also lose the specialized social services.”

Then there is the feel of the place, which is becoming lost as an alien culture intrudes.

Amy Sueyoshi, 45, associate dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University, says she [?] now feels less safe as a genderqueer person walking around San Francisco…

“The Dyke March has become this huge frat party … All these straight dudes and their girlfriends are descending on the park and setting up hammocks,” Sueyoshi said. “It’s a little bit sad.”

She followed up with an email: “I do like to go to places in and around the Castro for Happy Hour or a snack and I’ve noticed more straight people making out at these places where I go deliberately to NOT feel like I am oppressed by heterosexuality. Really, straight people do you HAVE to make out in the Castro as well? Good Lord.”

There goes the neighborhood!

















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