NYC Offers Free Attractions to Get Illegals to Apply for IDs

September 21, 2014

Just what we need. A way for people in our country illegally to get ID’s easily.
Check it out:

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio launched a new program giving illegal immigrants free access to the city’s zoo, its museums, and other attractions in order to cajole them into signing up for a new city-wide ID program that would allow them to rent apartment, get city assistance, and other things.

Among other attractions, the city is opening the Bronx Zoo, the New York City Ballet, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Carnegie Hall for an entire year.

In June, the city council approved of a new municipal ID program that is intended to allow illegals access to schools, libraries, and public services at a cost of $8.4 million for fiscal 2014 and $5.6 million each year thereafter.

“The municipal ID is more than just a card — it provides New Yorkers who are currently living in the shadows with dignity and peace of mind. My administration is fully ready to develop this plan,” de Blasio said when the program passed in an overwhelming 43 to 3 vote.

The card was also set up to allow a “choice” of gender allowing transgendered people to “self-identify.”


Dems Made A Website To Prove Benghazi Investigation Now Pointless

September 21, 2014

House Democrats have created a website to prove the ongoing Benghazi investigation is a waste of time, because all of the important questions have been answered.

“Many Americans do not realize how much work has already been done investigating the Benghazi attacks,” said Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings, ranking member on the Benghazi Select Committee, at a press conference announcing the website Tuesday.

He said that “Benghazi on the Record,” hosted by House.Gov, contains “as much information as possible” from hearings and other sources about the questions surrounding the investigation, especially regarding the security response and the way the White House initially described the attack. “The point is that these questions have been investigated and answered, and now you can see exactly what the answers are.”

Democratic Rep. Adam Smith, ranking member on the House Armed Services Committee, pointed to questions about the insufficient security as an example. His committee concluded the military “did everything it could under the circumstances,” he said. “Now, there was analysis of how in the future we could better move our assets around to be prepared to respond. But at the time, a whole series of very tough questions were answered.”

But a spokesman for Rep. Gowdy said in a statement not all questions have been answered, since Congress has not seen all of the relevant documents. “It is fair to say that not all questions have been asked and answered,” he said. “Chairman Gowdy is leading a fair, fact-based and impartial investigation.”

Cummings and Smith also shared their concern that the committee has no outline or explicit goal, and said they hope Republicans on both committees can use their website as a resource.

It would be different if Republicans on the committees would set a “particular point” to aim for, and outline exactly what they’re investigating, said Rep. Smith. “They haven’t done that. So it looks at this point like just a fishing expedition.”


8 Ways The Obama Admin Is Blocking Information, “Day To Day Intimidation Is Chilling”

September 21, 2014

Control the flow of information, control the people…

The fight for access to public information has never been harder, Associated Press Washington Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee said recently at a joint meeting of the American Society of News Editors, the Associated Press Media Editors and the Associated Press Photo Managers. The problem extends across the entire federal government and is now trickling down to state and local governments.

Here is Buzbee’s list of eight ways the Obama administration is making it hard for journalists to find information and cover the news:

1) As the United States ramps up its fight against Islamic militants, the public can’t see any of it. News organizations can’t shoot photos or video of bombers as they take off — there are no embeds. In fact, the administration won’t even say what country the S. bombers fly from.

2) The White House once fought to get cameramen, photographers and reporters into meetings the president had with foreign leaders overseas. That access has become much rarer. Think about the message that sends other nations about how the world’s leading democracy deals with the media:  Keep them out and let them use handout photos.

3) Guantanamo: The big important 9/11 trial is finally coming up. But we aren’t allowed to see most court filings in real time — even of nonclassified material. So at hearings, we can’t follow what’s happening. We don’t know what prosecutors are asking for, or what defense attorneys are arguing.

4) Information about Guantanamo that was routinely released under President George W. Bush is now kept secret. The military won’t release the number of prisoners on hunger strike or the number of assaults on guards. Photo and video coverage is virtually nonexistent.

5) Day-to-day intimidation of sources is chilling. AP’s transportation reporter’s sources say that if they are caught talking to her, they will be fired. Even if they just give her facts, about safety, for example. Government press officials say their orders are to squelch anything controversial or that makes the administration look bad.

6) One of the media — and public’s — most important legal tools, the Freedom of Information Act, is under siege. Requests for information under FOIA have become slow and expensive. Many federal agencies simply don’t respond at all in a timely manner, forcing news organizations to sue each time to force action.

7) The administration uses FOIAs as a tip service to uncover what news organizations are pursuing. Requests are now routinely forwarded to political appointees. At the agency that oversees the new health care law, for example, political appointees now handle the FOIA requests.

8) The administration is trying to control the information that state and local officials can give out. The FBI has directed local police not to disclose details about surveillance technology the police departments use to sweep up cellphone data. In some cases, federal officials have formally intervened in state open records cases, arguing for secrecy.


Phil Robertson, “We Are Swimming In A Cesspool Of Politically Correct Crap”

September 20, 2014

Phil Robertson says it right in this sermon at his church. The media won’t even day to utter the name “Jesus Christ”, unless if maybe someone was using it to swear. Do you agree with Phil?


Pharmaceutical Giant Dumps Live Polio Virus into Belgian Water

September 20, 2014

Employees with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) dumped more than 45 liters of concentrated live polio into the water at a Belgian treatment plant earlier this month according to a statement from health officials.

A press release from the Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment in Belgium stated that “human error” resulted in the live virus making its way into the Lasne and Dyle rivers in Rixensart on Sept. 2.

“The liquid was rejected, according to initial information provided by the firm GSK, due to human error during the process of vaccine production,” the press release states. “The water from the treatment plant in question is not discharged to the supply network for drinking water.”

Swimmers and fishermen face “limited” danger according to a risk analysis conducted by the Scientific Institute of Public Health and the Supreme Council of Health, which also encouraged worried residents to contact their doctors to debate “re-vaccination.”

“For precautionary measures, samples of sludge and water from the treatment plant, the Lasne and Dyle will be taken to permit an assessment of the persistence of the virus,” stated the press release. “Pending these results, it is advised to avoid contact with the water downstream of the WWTP Rosieres, to the confluence of the Lasne with Dyle.”

While details are scarce, the incident raises many questions given the vast amount of technical safeguards allegedly in place as well as the company’s questionable history.

GSK’s disregard for human life resulted in a laughable $93,000 fine by an Argentinian judge in 2012 after 14 babies died during illegal lab vaccine trials.

“These doctors took advantage of the many illiterate parents whom take their children for treatment by pressuring and forcing them into signing these 28-page consent forms and getting them involved in the trials,” a health professional said. “Laboratories can’t experiment in Europe or the United States, so they come to do it in third-world countries.”

A confidential GSK document leaked to the press in 2012 also revealed that the company’s 6-in-1 vaccine Infanrix Hexa killed 36 infants within a two-year period. The document went on to detail 1,742 reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine, 503 of which were extremely serious.

In 2010, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials revealed that GSK’s Rotarix vaccine secretly contained swine virus DNA. Traceable levels of DNA from the avian leukosis virus and the simian retrovirus were also found in GSK’s measles vaccine and RotaTeq vaccine.

Other major pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer have been engaged in major criminal behavior as well. During the 1980s, Bayer knowingly sold HIV-contaminated blood products to hemophiliacs across the world, resulting in a decades-long lawsuit.

GSK is currently testing an experimental Ebola vaccine on volunteers in Britain and the United States.


Who’s ‘godless’ now? Russia says it’s U.S.

September 20, 2014

MOSCOW — At the height of the Cold War, it was common for American conservatives to label the officially atheist Soviet Union a “godless nation.”

More than two decades on, history has come full circle, as the Kremlin and its allies in the Russian Orthodox Church hurl the same allegation at the West.

“Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent keynote speech. “Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”

In his state of the nation address, Mr. Putin also portrayed Russia as a staunch defender of “traditional values” against what he depicted as the morally bankrupt West. Social and religious conservatism, the former KGB officer insisted, is the only way to prevent the world from slipping into “chaotic darkness.”

As part of this defense of “Christian values,” Russia has adopted a law banning “homosexual propaganda” and another that makes it a criminal offense to “insult” the religious sensibilities of believers.

The law on religious sensibilities was adopted in the wake of a protest in Moscow’s largest cathedral by a female punk rock group against the Orthodox Church’s support of Mr. Putin. Kremlin-run television said the group’s “demonic” protest was funded by “some Americans.”

Mr. Putin’s views of the West were echoed this month by Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow, the leader of the Orthodox Church, who accused Western countries of engaging in the “spiritual disarmament” of their people.

In particular, Patriarch Kirill criticized laws in several European countries that prevent believers from displaying religious symbols, including crosses on necklaces, at work.

“The general political direction of the [Western political] elite bears, without doubt, an anti-Christian and anti-religious character,” the patriarch said in comments aired on state-controlled television.

“We have been through an epoch of atheism, and we know what it is to live without God,” Patriarch Kirill said. “We want to shout to the whole world, ‘Stop!’”

Other figures within the Orthodox Church have gone further in criticizing the West. Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, a church spokesman, suggested that the modern-day West is no better for a Christian believer than the Soviet Union.

Soviet authorities executed some 200,000 clergy and believers from 1917 to 1937, according to a 1995 presidential committee report. Thousands of churches were destroyed, and those that survived were turned into warehouses, garages or museums of atheism.

“The separation of the secular and the religious is a fatal mistake by the West,” the Rev. Chaplin said. “It is a monstrous phenomenon that has occurred only in Western civilization and will kill the West, both politically and morally.”

The Kremlin’s encouragement of traditional values has sparked a rise in Orthodox vigilantism. Fringe groups such as the Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers, an ultraconservative movement whose slogan is “Orthodoxy or Death,” are gaining prominence.

Patriarch Kirill has honored the group’s leader, openly anti-Semitic monarchist Leonid Simonovich, for his services to the Orthodox Church. The Banner Bearers, who dress in black paramilitary uniforms festooned with skulls, regularly confront gay and liberal activists on the streets of Moscow.


School Orders Girl to Remove ‘Virginity Rocks’ Shirt

September 19, 2014

Virginity does not rock at Ramay Junior High School in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

That’s the lesson 13-year-old Chloe Rubiano learned. Chloe is in the eighth grade. She is also a good church-going girl. So you can imagine her mom’s surprise when she got in trouble at school.

Chloe showed up at school wearing a T-shirt that reads: “Virginity Rocks.”

“It’s a positive message,” said Bambi Crozier, Chloe’s mom.

Apparently some folks at Ramay Junior High don’t understand the concept of virginity.

But school officials disagreed. They said the shirt could cause a classroom disruption and contained sexual content. Apparently some folks at Ramay Junior High don’t understand the concept of virginity.

The 13-year-old, who bought the shirt at a Christian music festival, was told she had to change shirts.

“It was so bizarre,” Mrs. Crozier said. “She's had the shirt for several years and wore it a number of times to school.”

“Why is it such a bad thing to talk about virginity when they’re handing out condoms and girls are pregnant?” Mrs. Crozier wondered. “It blows my mind.”

It does make you wonder why the guidance counselors are doling out condoms to the junior high crowd.

“I think they’re bigger concern (is) they just don’t want to talk about virginity,” she said. “Today, people think that virginity is a dirty word. It’s not in our household.”

Or maybe they’re concerned the “Virginity Rocks” shirt might cut down on condom distribution?

Who knows?

Mrs. Crozier said her daughter did as she was instructed to do and put on a gym shirt.

“We totally believe in respecting rules,” she said. ‘We totally believe in listening to leadership. If that’s what their request is – that’s okay. There are certain battles in life you are going to choose and whether or not you can wear a shirt is not a big deal.”

So being a good church-going girl, Chloe abided by the school’s orders – because heaven forbid a 21st century teenager be caught promoting abstinence. Planned Parenthood must be having convulsions.


Rock Superstar Reveals Path From Drugs, Partying and Despair to Discovering God’s ‘Unearthly Forgiveness’

September 19, 2014

Korn guitarist Brian Welch found himself at a potentially dangerous crossroads. Drugs, partying and the rock star life were weighing him down, as he desperately sought reprieve from the depths of spiritual despair.

It was 2005 when Welch, who is featured in the new Christian documentary “Holy Ghost,” was enjoying fame and fortune as a member of Korn, one of the world’s most well-known metal bands. But at the same time he recalls feeling, as he described it, “like a walking gutter.”

“I mean, 11 years in a rock band just partying every single day, every drug I did except heroin,” he said. “I was on [drugs] for two years every single day. I felt like a walking gutter.”

Welch said he was a “walking shell” — that is, until he went to church one day and found Jesus.

“When I went to the church, I heard that Jesus was real and I raised my hand in the air,” he said. “I went home and talked to him.”

The transition didn’t unfold over night, but Welch said that the experience stuck with him, as he spent the next few weeks talking to God, asking the Lord to help him change and, more specifically, to remove drugs from his life.

One day, Welch said be received the answer he had been seeking.

“In the middle of feeling like a gutter for two years, feeling like a piece of dog poop … I felt the most intense love coming into my room,” he said. “It was unearthly forgiveness. The stuff I’ve done behind closed doors, I should be put in jail for it. All I felt was forgiveness. [God] loves to shower beauty on the ugliest of circumstances.”

And it was that moment that changed it all. Welch said that God became real to him for the first time in his life.

He had been touring nonstop with Korn at the time and, considering that he had a 6-year-old daughter to care for and was struggling with some of what came along with his fame and fortune, the guitarist made the tough decision to leave the band.

“I just had heaven opened over my life, God became real to me,” he said. “[I thought], ‘I’ve got to take time off and figure out what this means,’” he told TheBlaze, a decision he’s spoken about openly in the past.

Welch, who later rejoined the band in 2013, said that he believes God wants every individual to experience the same life change that he went through.

“The thing is, it’s all about the heart. God wants your heart,” he said. “He wants to capture 100 percent of your heart and he captured mine.”

Welch believes that God led him back to the band, despite his previous decision to leave Korn to focus on his faith. While some might critique Korn’s music and lyrics — tunes Welch plays right along with his bandmates — he said that he feels called to minister and be around the rock scene.

“Since he captured my heart I don’t have a problem being around people who drink or do drugs,” he said, noting that it gives him a chance bring God to those who who desperately need him. “This stuff doesn’t have me anymore.”

Welch and his fellow bandmate Reggie Quincy ”Fieldy” Arvizu — who is also a Christian — have spent much of their time talking with fans about Jesus Christ.

Both are depicted in the new documentary “Holy Ghost,” a film by director Darren Wilson that had no script, no plan and that Wilson believes was “completely led by the Holy Spirit.”

Watch the trailer below:


Coming Soon: Police Detection Gun That Can Tell If You're Texting

September 19, 2014

If you’re driving down the road in the future and you see a cop pointing what appears to be a radar gun your way, stepping on the brake to slow down might not help you out, because speeding might not be what he’s looking for.

A Virginia-based company is developing a detection gun that can tell if a person in the vehicle is texting.

According to the Virginian-Pilot, ComSonics is creating a device that picks up on radio frequencies that come from a cellphone being used inside the car. Malcolm McIntyre, the company’s calibration services manager, told the newspaper that text messages emit a different frequency than other cellphone activities. This would allow such a device to determine if a driver were possibly sending a text behind the wheel.

ComSonics already has a foot into the law enforcement industry in that it offers calibration and repair services for radar and lidar equipment.

The Virginian-Pilot reported that this new technology would be similar to its devices that are used by cable technicians to detect leaks. ComSonic’s QAM Sniffer, for example, is able to locate a leak by picking up frequencies from a cable.

While McIntyre said the text-detecting gun is “close to production,” it would still have to gain legal approval and be brought into law enforcement departments.


Satanists Handing Out Religious Literature At Schools

September 18, 2014

People are playing with forces they don’t understand. I look forward to God dealing with them.
Check it out:

The Satanic Temple of New York City has been granted permission to pass out its literature to students in public schools in the Orlando, Florida, area after district officials declined to prohibit distribution of religious materials.

So will there now be a huge new interest among students in the pentagram, the goats-head emblem and devilish rituals?

Maybe not, according to one columnist.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Daniel Vasquez wrote Tuesday that while Satanists may be allowed to give out their material to students, it’s an entirely different question whether they will pay attention to it.

Vasquez explained that students are busy enough that they likely will reserve little time for the handouts.

“But don’t tell that to the Florida Satanists. Or to our homegrown atheists or Bible-thumpers for that matter. All are descending upon Orlando-area schools demanding the right to hand out religious materials to school children,” he wrote.

“As I write this a New York-based group called the The Satanic Temple is printing up copies of ‘The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities.’”













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