Preacher Fined For ‘Emotional Harm’ Caused By Quoting Levitical Law Against Homosexuality

March 29, 2015

A street preacher in the UK who was charged with making “homophobic” remarks has been declared guilty of breaking English law and must pay a fine for his speech, including to a man to whom he quoted Scripture from the book of Leviticus.

As previously reported, Mike Overd, a street preacher for five years, was accused of speaking against homosexuality and Islam last June and July on two separate occasions. He was leveled with two charges of using threatening and abusive words and a charge of causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress under the Public Order Act.

A police officer had appeared on local television last fall to urge residents to record Overd’s speech as it had been reported that he was causing offense.

“I’d advise people that if they’re offended to record any incident on their mobile phone and send it to us,” Sgt. Neil Kimmins told reporters.

During his trial last week, Overd presented two videos as evidence to what occurred as he was preaching from the Bible on the street. In one of the clips, a woman with a little boy approaches Overd and says that she wants to ask him a question. The woman then opines that God loves homosexuals.

“Just because I don’t like their sins does not mean I don’t like them,” Overd says as he continues preaching.

In another video, a police officer approaches the street preacher and tells him that he has received complaints for making “homophobic” statements.

“If I hear one homophobic word out of your mouth here today, I will arrest you,” the officer threatens, advising Overd that he has freedom of speech, but may not offend others.

On Monday, Judge Shamim Qureshi, a Muslim who also serves as the presiding judge at the Sharia law-based Muslim Arbitration Tribunal, declared Overd guilty of violating the Public Order Act for his remarks about homosexuality.

“The judge at Bristol Crown Court told him that he should not have used the particular verse in the Bible—Leviticus 20:13—because it uses the word ‘abomination,'” reports the UK-based publication Christian Today. “The judge suggested that there were other verses he could have chosen if he wanted to talk about what the Bible says about homosexuality.”

“All people exercise their right of speech and religion and this country’s laws protect their rights to do so. On the other hand, Mr Overd asks me to interpret the law to endorse his desire to shout, bully, and berate members of the public until they convert to his branch of Christianity,” Qureshi said. “Ironically, those who complained about him at court were Christians.”

“I cannot interpret the law in the way Mr. Overd and his legal team ask,” he continued. “Such a decision would not be the upholding of equal human rights and would be seized upon by fundamentalists and extremists to be the first step to public disorder.”

Overd was fined 1,400 British pounds, the equivalent of approximately $2,090 dollars, part of which was to go to a homosexual man to whom he had quoted the Scripture. The street preacher initially resisted the fine, but was then threatened with jail time if he did not comply.

“Your judgement is flawed and way out of line,” Overd told Qureshi. “You will answer to the same God as me.”


No Bias Here - UN Condemns Only Israel As Violator Of Woman's Rights

March 29, 2015

Guess who is the number one violator of women’s rights in the world today? Israel. Violating the rights of Palestinian women.

At least that is the view of the UN’s top women’s rights body, the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). CSW ends its annual meeting on Friday, March 20 by condemning only one of the 193 UN member states for violating women’s rights – Israel.

Not Syria. Where government forces routinely employ rape and other sexual violence and torture against women as a tactic of war. Where in 2014 the Assad regime starved, tortured and killed at least 24,000 civilians, and three million people – mostly women and children – are refugees.

Not Saudi Arabia. Where women are physically punished if not wearing compulsory clothing, are almost entirely excluded from political life, cannot drive, cannot travel without a male relative, receive half the inheritance of their brothers, and where their testimony counts for half that of a man’s.

Not Sudan. Where domestic violence is not prohibited. There is no minimum age for “consensual” sex. The legal age of marriage for girls is ten. 88% of women under 50 have undergone female genital mutilation. And women are denied equal rights in marriage, inheritance and divorce.

Not Iran. Where every woman who registered as a presidential candidate in the last election was disqualified. “Adultery” is punishable by death by stoning. Women who fight back against rapists and kill their attackers are executed. The constitution bars female judges. And women must obtain the consent of their husbands to work outside the home.

In fact, not only is there no possibility that the UN Commission on the Status of Women will criticize Iran, Iran is an elected member of CSW. Sudan – whose president has been indicted for genocide and crimes against humanity – is currently a CSW Vice-Chair.

The 2015 CSW resolution on Israel will repeat, as it does every year, that “the Israeli occupation remains the major obstacle for Palestinian women with regard to their advancement, self-reliance and integration in the development of their society…”


Police To Mandate ‘Hands Up’ Policy During Road Stops

March 29, 2015

Everyone to be assumed a criminal until proven otherwise

“We all want to go home to our families, and this makes it safer for us to approach vehicles to gain that compliance. It gives us a chance to survive these encounters.” a police spokesman told reporters with KSNT News.

“As we all know, we’ve lost three officers in less than 2 years and as a result of that we’ve had to take a hard look at the way we’re conducting business, particularly as it relates to car stops.” said Officer Matt McClimans.

“It doesn’t matter what the infraction is, it doesn’t matter if it’s a soccer mom, it’s just gaining that hand compliance.” McClimans added, also noting “We have to treat every encounter as if it’s dangerous.”

Residents have responded to the plans with anger, with some noting that it is offensive to be treated as a criminal without any probable cause.

“To put my hands up, I mean, I just can’t see how people are not offended by that,” said one man.

Locals were never asked their opinion on the policy proposal by law enforcement or local authorities, and some are worried that the new policy will lead to more violent escalations involving police.

“Police and community interactions are tough enough as it is and the more demands, the tougher it’s going to be, and the more problems you’re going to have,” one local told reporters.


USDA Employees Used Government Credit Cards at Bowling Alleys, Barbershops

March 28, 2015

$192.2 million in ‘questionable transactions’

U.S. Department of Agriculture employees used government credit cards at bowling alleys, barbershops, and amusement parks, according to an audit by the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

The OIG found $192.2 million in potentially “questionable transactions” by employees using agency purchase cards and convenience checks. The audit, released Tuesday, blamed the improper purchases on poor training.

From a pool of 169,054 questionable transactions, the OIG selected 230 for closer review. The audit found that 174 were questionable, totaling $163,160, because transactions were “prohibited by [the Office of Procurement and Property Management] OPPM’s policy, were not properly approved, or lacked supporting documentation.”

“Some of the questionable transactions involved retailers identified as beauty and barber shops, bowling alleys, and amusement parks,” the OIG audit said.

“This occurred due to inadequate oversight at both the agency and departmental levels,” it said. “Agencies were not consistently training card users or supervisors, were not performing their required reviews, and occasionally overrode or disregarded controls intended to prevent questionable purchases from being processed.”

Military Gears Up for Space Warfare

March 28, 2015

Pentagon, military, and intelligence officials outlined plans on Wednesday for warfare in space and warned China not to attack U.S. satellites in any future conflict.

“The threats are real, they’re technologically advanced and they’re a concern,” said Air Force Lt. Gen. John “Jay” Raymond, commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, in testimony before a House subcommittee. “We are quickly approaching the point where every satellite in every orbit can be threatened.”

Douglas Loverro, deputy assistant secretary of defense for space policy, said that the threat of attacks on satellites in orbit is no longer a theoretical concern.

“Quite frankly, it’s one thing to anticipate an imaginary threat,” Loverro said. “It’s another thing to see that threat develop, watch it be exercised as with the Chinese on several occasions, recognize what it can do to our capability, and react to that. And that’s what we’re doing right now, is reacting to it and making it very clear we have no desire to have a conflict extend to space.”

Loverro said the Pentagon wants potential adversaries such as China to understand that if warfare extends to space “the U.S. will be prepared to defend our space assets.”

“Attacking our space assets is not a way to get the United States to back off of a fight. We are going to make sure that space assets are there to support” the U.S. military, he said.

Indiana becomes latest state to sign a religious freedom bill into law

March 28, 2015

This week, Indiana became the latest state to sign a religious freedom bill into law. The legislation protects a private citizen’s or private business owner’s right to act according to their religious beliefs when deciding with whom to associate and do business.

Gay activists are incensed at this move, not because it targets them, but because it doesn’t. Indeed, there is no language in the bill stipulating anything one way or another in regards to gay people; it simply affirms the rights of private individuals and companies. Gay tyrants have only turned it into an “attack” on them because they demand, as per usual, special treatment and exemptions.

Despite everything they’ve ever claimed, they aren’t looking to be treated like everyone else. They want their rights enshrined in a special place, above, beyond, and transcending those of normal folk.

Usually, they get their way. Not in Indiana, though. And this fact has, of course, sparked the usual round of protests, boycotts, mewling, and whining, this time coming everywhere from the NCAA to a popular video game convention, to some “Christian” churches to all of these people. The mayor of San Francisco also announced a boycott of the state, and the  CEO of SalesForce.com has canceled all company travel into the accursed region.

[Note: interestingly, Sales Force has put a hex on the entire bigoted state, yet they just acquired an Indiana tech company in a $2 billion deal. It seems strange to buy a company in Indiana and then ban travel to Indiana. Unless, of course, they were planning on relocating anyway, thus taking jobs away from many residents, and now they've latched onto this religious freedom bill as a convenient cover. Hmmm.]

In any event, all of this hysteria, and only because Indiana had the audacity to pass a law that was actually already adopted in 1791, back when it was called “The First Amendment.”

College Ministry Kicked Off Campus For Requiring Leaders To Be Christian

March 27, 2015

A Christian campus organization has lost recognition from its university and been accused of “religious discrimination” for not allowing non-Christians to hold leadership positions in the group.

Chi Alpha is a national student ministry organization with a presence in over 300 college campuses across the United States. According to the group’s website, Chi Alpha exists to “reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship and mission to transform the university, the marketplace and the world.”

On September 11, 2014, Chi Alpha’s chapter at California State University-Stanislaus was informed by the university that the group would no longer be recognized as a campus organization. The school accused the organization of religious discrimination and abruptly severed ties with the Christian group.

In a letter mailed last week to Cal State Stanislaus, Chi Alpha’s National Director, E. Scott Martin, explained that the Christian group was effectively “exiled from campus.”

“Within twenty-four hours, university personnel locked Chi Alpha students out of their reserved meeting space and forced them to hold their meetings off campus—in effect our Chi Alpha chapter was exiled from campus,” Martin wrote. “The harm from these incidents is ongoing, as it continues to affect Chi Alpha’s student members to this day.”

Chi Alpha was allegedly kicked off the Cal State Stanislaus campus because, although any student can become a member of the group, its leaders must affirm the organization’s Christian beliefs. University officials claim that this requirement violates the school’s non-discrimination policy.

“No campus shall recognize any fraternity, sorority, living group, honor society, or other student organization that discriminates on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability,” states the university’s official policy.

However, Chi Alpha leaders argue that the organization’s standards for group leaders are simply common sense.

“How can someone lead us if they don’t share our mission?” said Bianca Travis, president of the Chi Alpha chapter at Cal State Stanislaus, in a press release. “It’s impossible to genuinely lead a worship service or Bible study unless you believe what you’re teaching.”

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is representing Chi Alpha, urging the university to reinstate the organization.

“Cal State Stanislaus allows fraternities to limit their leaders and members to men,” said Adèle Keim, Legal Counsel of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, in the release. “So why can’t a religious group require its student religious leaders to practice what they preach? We call on Cal State to reinstate the Chi Alpha chapter immediately.”


The Move To Make Cash Illegal

March 27, 2015

The move to a cashless society won’t happen overnight. Instead, it is being implemented very slowly and systematically in a series of incremental steps. All over the planet, governments are starting to place restrictions on the use of cash for security reasons.

As citizens, we are being told that this is being done to thwart criminals, terrorists, drug runners, money launderers and tax evaders. Other forms of payment are much easier for governments to track, and so they very much prefer them.

But we are rapidly getting to the point where the use of cash is considered to be a “suspicious activity” all by itself. These days, if you pay a hotel bill with cash or if you pay for several hundred dollars worth of goods at a store with cash you are probably going to get looked at funny.

You see, the truth is that we have already been trained to regard the use of large amounts of cash to be unusual. The next step will be to formally ban large cash transactions like France and other countries in Europe are already doing.

Consider what the feds are doing to one widow in Iowa…

A widow’s bank account was seized by the IRS and she now faces criminal charges for depositing her legal inheritance money in lumps instead of all together.

Janet Malone, 68, had $18,775 seized from her — money that was legally earned and was legally bestowed to her by her late husband, Ronald Malone. The problem, according to the government, was the fact that she deposited it in several lumps instead of all at once.

According to the Associated Press, Mrs. Malone deposited the cash in increments between $5,800 and $9,000. The widow’s private financial affairs evidently set off red flags under the watchful gaze of the federal government.

Remember, she was not guilty of committing any crime other than depositing cash in lumps instead of all at once.

If this is how ruthless the feds will be with an elderly widow, how would they treat you under similar circumstances?

So why are they doing this?

The truth is that they want to discourage the public from using cash. Our government, just like governments all over the planet, is not being shy about the fact that it does not like cash. If they can make people afraid to use cash, that suits their purposes very well.

And with each passing year the restrictions on the use of cash globally will just get tighter and tighter and the role that cash plays in our lives will just become smaller and smaller.

In the end, a transition to an almost entirely cashless society will seem almost natural. Cash is being killed off one slow step at a time, and at this point hardly anyone is objecting.


Prophecy: A Tsunami of Perversion Will Rise

March 27, 2015

Calling Evil Good and Good Evil

"A tsunami of perversion and all manner of wicked sin is headed toward this nation. You've only yet seen the rumblings of what the enemy has planned. For many in your nation have called good evil and called evil good. Many in this nation have not believed you will reap what you sow.

"You have sown iniquity—for decades—and you have taken the hand of perversion. You have walked in step with abominations rather than resisting the temptations to deny my Word and my Son. The perversion in this land will increase and increase and increase.

"There will come a day when morality is no longer merely relative but is persecuted. There will come a day when evil is considered good and good is considered evil. When that day comes, those who are hidden in the shadow of My wings will be insulated from the abominations around them.

"I will raise up the likes of Abraham and Moses to deliver the righteous out of the hand of the wicked in that day. I will shield those who run into my Name. But no longer look and no longer think that you will turn the tide by your prayers alone. These things must be so. I warn you now to fear not, but to ready your hearts. Buy your oil. Be ready for My coming."

It's Not Just Sexual Perversion

Sexual immorality—polygamy, homosexuality, adultery, fornication and bestiality are not the only kinds of perversion. There's perversion of laws, perversion of justice, perversion of speech, perversion of freedom—and most importantly, perversion of God's Word. Apostasy is rising. The Great Falling Away is underway.


College Feminists Take to the Streets to Protest Kitchens

March 26, 2015

Demonstrating a firm grasp on the important things in life, a group of college feminists took to the streets to protest a building company’s “sexist” billboard which shows a newly remodeled kitchen and the phrase “your wife wants me.”

The protesters, numbering about twenty, were lined up on Route 9 by Siena College in Loudonville, holding signs of protest.  One sign appears to say “I prefer an office,” the suggestion being that any wife that would like a newly renovated kitchen must not work during the day.

News Channel 10 provides a close up view of the billboard:

As well as this image of one protest sign which reads “Men can make their own sandwiches.”

One of the protesters took to Twitter to express her displeasure with the billboards, and any man who would dare to purchase her a new kitchen.  And damn it, you know she’s serious when the CAPS LOCK comes out a-flailin’!

The following link to their Facebook page shows some of the Bowman Center women shopping for groceries.  Which is in no way ironically sexist.

Check it out HERE.

















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