Liberal Media Spins the Pout-In [VIDEO CLIPS]:

June 26, 2016

Have a bucket handy; here is how the liberal media spun the juvenile pout-in spectacle staged by congressional Democrats, ostensibly to attack our rights of self-defense and due process, but actually more for fundraising purposes:

Judging by the current trajectory, the next historic moment will feature authoritarian clowns like Nancy Pelosi and John Lewis getting down on the floor once again, this time kicking it and pounding it with their soft little fists as they wet themselves.


DHS plan to ban 'offensive' terms won't stop terrorism:

June 26, 2016

Faced with a persistent worldwide terror threat, the Department of Homeland Security may ban “religiously charged” Islamic terms such as “jihad” and “Shariah” from its lexicon to avoid offending Muslims.

Such a move would be counterproductive, according to former DHS officer Philip Haney.

“That would be like a doctor diagnosing an ailment that you have and never actually naming what the disease is or what the problem is,” Haney told WND in an interview. “That doesn’t do anyone any good, does it?”

Haney, who recounts his experiences as a DHS whistleblower in his new book “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad,” said the government does a disservice to the American people when it refuses to use the word “Shariahh.” He said it’s wrong to assume “Shariah” is a benign term with no bearing on the threats we face; in reality, Shariah is the primary gravitational force around which all Islamic terrorism revolves.

“That’s like saying, ‘We’re going to talk about the solar system, but we’re not going to discuss the sun,’” he explained. “Shariah law is the gravitational force of the global Islamic movement. Just like the sun keeps the planets in orbit, so all these different Islamic groups around the world orbit around the gravitational force of Shariah law.”

In a report released earlier this month, the Homeland Security Advisory Council recommended the DHS avoid certain “religiously charged” terms such as jihad, Shariah, takfir and umma. Jihad is Islamic holy war, Shariah is the authoritarian Islamic law Muslims wish to live under and impose on the world, and takfir and umma are Arabic terms that mean apostasy and Muslim community. The council also suggested using the term “American Muslim” instead of “Muslim American.”

The point of this, according to the report, is to avoid an “us versus them” mentality when discussing “violent extremism.” Haney, however, believes the issue goes beyond “us versus them.” He said Americans need to base their stance on the U.S. Constitution and reject the false narrative that they are Islamophobic simply because they wish to defend their Constitution from those who want to supplant it.

“Use courage and address it honestly: Is Shariah, Islamic law, compatible with the U.S. Constitution?” Haney challenged. “Yes or no? If it isn’t, then the debate needs to be framed in terms of how is it in conflict with the U.S. Constitution.”

Haney provided the answer: Shariah directly conflicts with Article VI of the Constitution, which mandates that the Constitution and all laws made in pursuance thereof are the supreme law of the land. Haney noted most of Shariah law is not religious but civil in nature, and many of those civil laws will come into conflict with existing U.S. civil laws.

“We need to base our discussions on the foundation of the Constitution,” Haney insisted. “If you do that, no one can legitimately criticize you for being a racist or a bigot or an Islamophobe, because what you’re doing is standing up for the U.S. Constitution.”

Professors Forbidden Even to Acknowledge That Alternate Opinions Exist

June 25, 2016

Universities have not yet eradicated the notion that there can be any point of view other than the politically correct one. But they are working on it:

Two professors at the University of Northern Colorado were investigated after students complained that they were forced to hear opposing viewpoints.

The complaints were made to Northern Colorado’s “Bias Response Team,” an Orwellian office on campus that asks students to report their peers and professors for anything that upsets or offends them. When the news outlet Heat Street made an open records request for some of the complaints, it discovered that two students had become so upset about having to hear an opinion they disagreed with they filed reports with school administrators.

Educrats naturally sided with the spoilt brat students, telling the professors to cease and desist with the alternate viewpoints.

The thought crimes included:

One professor instructed his students to read an article from the Atlantic written by Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s president Greg Lukianoff and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt titled “The Coddling of the American Mind.” The article explains that allowing students to hide from controversial and upsetting ideas (like through the use of “safe spaces” or “trigger warnings”) actually harms those students by not allowing them to confront those opinions.

After reading the article, the professor asked his students to address controversial topics such as abortion, gay marriage, global warming and transgenderism. The professor made no indication as to what his opinion on the matters was, but one student, who identifies as transgender, was upset that the professor even referenced the opinion that “transgender is not a real thing, and no one can truly feel like they are born in the wrong body.”

It goes without saying that it is forbidden to disagree with leftist dogma on liberal sacred cows. Now we learn that it is forbidden even to acknowledge that disagreement exists.

U.K. vote deals blow to 'One-World Government':

June 25, 2016

One thing is certain about the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union that prompted Prime Minister David Cameron’s resignation, jolted global stock markets and delivered a political blow to President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

It’s a stumbling block for the “one-world government” and “one-world currency” that the Bible says will eventually be imposed across all nations during the end times.

That’s according to Franklin Graham, the famed evangelical leader who runs Samaritan’s Purse and Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

“Last night the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union,” he wrote on Facebook on Friday. “With the breakdown of immigration laws and economies, millions of Europeans feel that their politicians have failed them.

“Boris Johnson, one of UK’s most popular leaders of the ‪#‎Brexit‬ movement hailed the results as a ‘glorious opportunity.'”

Graham continued: “We don’t know what the ‪#‎EUReferendum‬ vote means long-term, but I know that this is at least a temporary setback for the politicians in this country and around the world who want a one-world government and a one-world currency. The Bible speaks that one day this will take place. Join me in praying for all of those impacted and that Europe’s leaders, as well as our leaders in the United States, will look to Almighty God for wisdom and discernment in these trying and complex times in which we live.”

The 52 percent to 48 percent margin was a political defeat for Obama, who urged Britons just a few weeks ago to stay in the EU.

“The United States wants a strong United Kingdom as a partner. And the United Kingdom is at its best when it’s helping to lead a strong Europe,” he said at the time.

Obama said in April that if the U.K. chose to leave, American efforts would continue to focus on a trade deal with the EU, and Britain then would drop to the back of the line.

However, on Friday, State Department spokesman John Kirby tempered the comments the president made before the vote.

“We don’t anticipate anything changing the special relationship that we have with the U.K.”

He said, “The people of the United Kingdom have exercised the sacred right of all free peoples. They have declared their independence from the European Union and have voted to reassert control over their own politics, borders and economy. A Trump administration pledges to strengthen our ties with a free and independent Britain, deepening our bonds in commerce, culture and mutual defense. The whole world is more peaceful and stable when our two countries – and our two peoples – are united together, as they will be under a Trump administration.”

The vote already is inspiring others. Officials in Italy, France and the Netherlands have called for their own European Union-related votes, and officials in several other nations said they were trying to stamp out that very movement.

The New York Times called it a “stunning turn of events,” and stock markets worldwide plunged several percentage points in the wake of the announcement.

The vote highlighted “the power of anti-elite, populist and nationalist sentiment at a time of economic and cultural dislocation,” the report said.

Supporting Graham’s observation, the Times said, “European leaders acknowledged that the British vote would further limit their ability to move forward with economic and political integration, a process that had all but stalled anyway.”

The report warned the vote is a “disaster” for the European Union, “raising questions about the direction, cohesion and future of a bloc built on liberal values.”

On the other hand, maybe they have just awakened to a fresh understanding of an idea that has long been present in America (even if it’s been lately neglected): Local interests are not effectively represented by remote powers.


One thought on “Inalienable Rights, Civil Rights, and Guns”:

June 25, 2016

The power of government to operate a monopoly over the use of force over a domain is derivative. It derives from the right of people to defend their own lives and property. Just because a government is formed does not mean that those rights are completely abrogated and delivered entire to the government – a person’s right to defend himself persists even though there is a government. If a policeman is present at the time of a threat of force – rarely the case – yes, the use of force should be passed to the state; but if they are not, you still retain your right to self-defence when the threat is immediate.

Girls in Girls’ Schools Should Not Be Called Girls

June 24, 2016

Teachers in the Girls’ Schools Association are being advised to avoid use of the word “girls”, to cater for transsexual pupils:

In assemblies, staff are being encouraged to say “pupils” or “students” instead of “girls” because of children who are “posing questions around their gender identity”.

The single-sex schools have also been advised to create unisex toilets.

What I don’t get is, if according to progressive ideology a girl who pretends to be a boy really is a boy, how can she attend an all-girl school?

The advice came after the GSA had heard from the Gendered Intelligence (GI) campaign group.

Its chairman Jay Stewart, said that the phrase “young ladies” was sexist and transphobic.

Around 0.007% of the British population has taken advantage of the opportunity they have had since 2004 to be legally categorized as a member of the opposite sex. Yet the social engineers in charge continue to yell in our faces that the world must revolve around the wants and whims of transsexuals.

Lesbian Couple Attempt to Brainwash Boy Into Being Gender-Fluid

June 24, 2016

One of the many reasons that the Supreme Court’s tyrannical decree imposing homosexual marriage on the states must be reversed is that it reduces children to lab rats in grotesque social engineering experiments:

    A lesbian couple featured in a BuzzFeed video on “gender non-conforming” parenting is trying to force their son to have a “queer” relationship with his gender despite his protests.

    In Buzzfeed’s “I Am A Gender Non-Conforming Parent” video, Dashiell and Michelle explain how they raise their son, Atticus, as a lesbian couple with a “gender non-conforming” parent.

    “It’s really funny, because he’s like super into sports,” Michelle said. “Maybe he was like an Olympic athlete in his past life. He like, came with all of these sporting talents that are like visible at 17 months. …”

    “I’m constantly like trying to queer my relationship with him and get him to wear tutus. He hates it. He’s just like, ‘no,’” Michelle said. …

    “This is where he starts learning what things are. And so I hate the idea that he’s getting it imprinted on him that people who look like this are boys, and people who look like that are girls.”

    “And even something that’s like Progressive like ‘Sesame Street,’ all the monsters are boys unless they have like a bow in their hair or a sparkly necklace on. Like, why is ‘Old McDonald’ a guy? Why couldn’t it be a lesbian farmer?”

The kid will be extremely fortunate if he makes it to adulthood with his head on straight. Let’s hope Dashiell and Michelle don’t decide that he wants to be a girl and attempt to chemically transform him into one.


Update on the Unraveling of South Africa:

June 24, 2016

When South Africa was turned over to communist terrorist Nelson Mandela, the media was everywhere. But you don’t see many American news reports about the inevitable aftermath, now that this outpost of Western Civilization is getting absorbed by the Third World. Here are a few updates, guaranteed to provide more excitement than a Mad Max movie:

New rule lets feds hack your computer anywhere, anytime:

June 23, 2016

A proposal that Washington bureaucrats be given nearly unfettered permission to hack into private computers, which WND reported earlier was being described as the ultimate “Big Brother” move, is drawing strong opposition from privacy activists and members of Congress.

“We’re in the midst right now of one of the biggest battles in the privacy world that we have faced,” said U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, on a website mobilizing opposition. “If we keep down this path, we’re going to wake up in a few years in George Orwell’s 1984. This is why, as we fight for security, any intrusion on privacy needs to be narrowly tailored and aggressively overseen.”

WND reported last month when the alarm was raised by the Rutherford Institute, which offered its assistance to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who is opposing the rule change.

At issue is a proposed change to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 41, which addresses search warrants.

If the change is adopted, Rutherford warned, it would “erode individual privacy” by granting vast new authority to investigators.

Rutherford said the DOJ’s proposed changes “have been justified as a way to fight cybercrime and make it easier for law enforcement to track down cyber criminals who use tools such as Tor, botnets or malware to mask their true location.”

It noted the U.S. Supreme Court already has “rubberstamped” the idea, and Congress has until December to block or change it.

Now, officials representing a coalition of organizations have written to leaders in Congress warning that the change would allow any federal magistrate to authorize invasive computer hacking by law enforcement against just about anyone.

The letter to Sens. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Harry Reid, D-Nev.; and Reps. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said the new strategy would “invite law enforcement to seek warrants authorizing them to hack thousands of computers at once – which it is hard to imagine would not be in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment.”

The new protest is led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Tor Project and several dozen others.

They have set up No Global Warrants site to express their concerns.


FBI 'revolt of Watergate proportions' if Hillary skates

June 23, 2016

NEW YORK – A former U.S. attorney says there is no doubt that, before the November election, the FBI will recommend to Attorney General Loretta Lynch that she prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling of classified information, warning that intervention by the White House would provoke a revolt of Watergate proportions.

In an interview with WND, Joseph diGenova said that based “on all the available evidence, including what is publicly known and what is known in the law enforcement community, there is sufficient, credible evidence needed to meet the predicate to begin a grand jury – sufficient evidence for probable cause to believe various crimes have been committed.”

“There is simply no doubt that the FBI is going to recommend a series of charges to Attorney General Lynch,” he insisted.

DiGenova said he has been speaking with former FBI, Secret Service and intelligence people about the case.

“Based on the information they have secured from their brothers and sisters in the law enforcement community, there is unanimity on the fact that charges are going to be recommended by the FBI,” he said.

“It is impossible for them not to, under the circumstances,” he stressed.

DiGenova acknowledged, however, that Lynch has the discretion to do nothing.

But to the people in the FBI and intelligence community, he said, that would be “inconceivable.”

“There is going to be a revolt of Watergate proportions if criminal charges do not go forward.”
















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