Irony Overload: Angela Merkel to Receive Elie Wiesel Award

March 26, 2017

At the end of World War II, it seemed that the horrors of the Holocaust would never again occur in Europe. It doesn’t seem that way anymore, now that massive Islamic immigration has made Europe once again an unsafe place to be Jewish. Earlier this year, Muslims who firebombed a synagogue had their sentences suspended by a sympathetic German government. Although there is a great deal of blame to go around when it comes to allowing Islam to colonize Europe, the one person most conspicuously guilty of this crime against civilization is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who oversaw the importation of a million Muslim “refugees” into her country in a single year. In light of all that, try to swallow this:

    The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum will bestow its highest honor, the Elie Wiesel Award, on German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her work advancing Holocaust awareness.

    “Chancellor Merkel has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to making the preservation of Holocaust memory a priority for Germany,” said Tom Bernstein, who chairs the council governing the museum, in a release Thursday.

You can crank the irony up one more notch by considering that Merkel may have been motivated to open the floodgates to Islamization by neurotic guilt over the Holocaust. Germany was forced to make amends by showing how self-sacrificingly politically correct it could be.

A more constructive response to the Holocaust would be to avoid laying the groundwork for its recurrence.

Diversity Leadership Team Puts Up Posters Proclaiming America to Be a White Nation

March 26, 2017

If you see something on a college campus that crudely advances a politically incorrect point of view, it would be naive in the extreme to take it at face value. For example, consider posters like this one, which appeared at Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota:

Students promptly reported the posters to the Thought Police, which at Gustavus are officially called the “Bias Response Team.” At least one of them…

…received a response from Dean of Students Jones VanHecke explaining that the offensive flyers were actually “part of a series of educational ‘invisible theater’ events taking place this week that have been planned by I Am We Are theater troupe, the Diversity Leadership Team, and the Bystander Intervention Committee.”

The Diversity Leadership Team fessed up to the hoax:

In response to the outrage over the flyers, the Diversity Leadership Council published a statement the night the posters surfaced admitting that members of the organization had “posted these signs” in “an effort to help educate [their] peers and campus community about issues of bias, and the importance of being an active bystander.

“We want to help put an end to bias-related incidents that happened on our campus, social media, and in our communities by forcing individuals to have dialogues about forms of hate and bias,” the statement continues.

That is, they want to put an end to bias-related incidents by fabricating them, since they do not have the patience to wait for one to actually happen so they can righteously denounce it. Note that so much as holding a politically incorrect view now constitutes a bias-related incident of such seriousness that it has to be staged.


U.N. Plan to "Mark" World Population

March 26, 2017

If you believe the Bible is true, then you know it’s going to happen:

The “Mark of the Beast” is a staple of prophecy, a development many evangelical Christians would take as a sign the end times have truly begun.

And Pastor Carl Gallups believes there are real, concrete indications the United Nations has already started making preparations to develop the very technology that could be used to register every single person on Earth.

He sounds the warning in his latest book, “When The Lion Roars: Understanding The Implications Of Ancient Prophecies For Our Time.”

Gallups expanded on the international plans under way on a recent episode of “SkyWatchTV.”

He cites a report from the U.N.’s 2030 Agenda, including a list of 17 “Global Goals.”

One of the goals is “legal identity for all, including birth registration.”

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is also working to implement biometric technology to identify and track refugees. The information will be stored in a central database in Geneva, Switzerland. Such a plan could be expanded to include the global population.

When asked if he was saying the U.N. was going to try to register the entire population, Gallups said those are not his words but those of the United Nations.

“I don’t make that prediction, but the U.N. has stated it in Agenda 2030,” he said. “In my book, I quote from the U.N. agenda. We know the Bible speaks in the last days there’s going to be some kind of a marking system. I go into the Greek words and the various possible explanations of what that means to receive, to take the mark. Several of the words hold something of the connotation of being ‘passed over.’ Of course, in our day in technology we know there is iris scanning, facial scanning. It’s pregnant with possibility.

“We know there is going to be a worldwide, a global marking system. The Bible says it.”

As Gallups admits, such an ambitious program could only be justified through euphemisms and benevolent rationalizations. He suggests Christians should be extra-aware when they start hearing seemingly unobjectionable reasons to support intrusive policies.

“They are going to identify every human, all 7 billion or however many by that time, on the planet for the purposes of … ‘peace and security,'” he said. “Now we have this global institution, the United Nations, saying: ‘Hey, I know what we could use this technology for! We could identify, put it in a big computer database, and we could mark every person on the planet, track them, take care of them, watch over them, grant them peace and security, grant them financial security, and all of these wonderful things. We’d have a utopia on Earth! Let’s mark everybody.'”

Child Sacrifice in Africa

March 25, 2017

If we are truly to embrace multiculturalism, rather than ethnocentrically judging other cultures by our own Western values, we may need to embrace human sacrifice:

Each year hundreds of Ugandan children are kidnapped and murdered as part of a thriving human sacrifice business.

Fortunately, Christianity has made inroads into Africa thanks to colonialism, and has had a characteristically civilizing influence. Pastor Peter Sewakiryanga has been working with police and politicians to end the practice.

He runs Kyampisi Childcare Ministries, a Christian effort to stamp out child sacrifice in Uganda. He describes the witch doctors’ brutal ritual.

“When they get the child, most times they cut the neck, they take the blood out, they take the tissue, they cut the genitals or any other body organs that they wish that the spirits want.”

Since all cultures are equal (except ours, which is racist, sexist, Islamophobic, etc.), who are we to judge?

Child sacrifice in Uganda is such a serious and widespread problem that the government has even set up an anti-child sacrifice and human trafficking task force.

Chief investigator Moses Binoga heads up the agency.

He says that in addition to decapitation and genital mutilation, witch doctors often slice the child’s tongue and mix it with herbs for special powers.

At least this practice is unlikely to take root in the USA. That would be cultural appropriation.

Educrat Proclaims Whiteness to Be Fundamentally Opposed to Christianity

March 25, 2017

Paul Dionne, Inclusive Success Coordinator for Beloit College’s Office for Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness, gave a speech entitled, “Working Against Whiteness” as part of a “Love Made Public” lecture series.

Academia’s hatred of whiteness is more than skin deep:

To help define “whiteness,” Dionne instructed the student attendees to chant “imperialist, capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy,” a phrase originating from feminist and self-avowed socialist bell hooks, who spells her name with all lowercase letters.

That’s Bell’s way of letting us know that she is as phony as the ideology she markets.

Speaking of phonies pushing a phony ideology, Dionne pules,

“Working against whiteness for me is interrogating myself and who I am and where I come from and all of my privileges.”

Too bad students seem to learn corrosive and neurotic racial self-hatred rather than world history. They would know that Islam has used extreme violence to all but eradicate Christianity from the Middle East, where it originated and used to be the dominant religion. If not for white Europeans holding the line against Islamic expansionism, Christianity would be an obscure sect that would only be able to survive by lying low.

London attack: Leftists laugh at Tommy Robinson [WATCH]

March 25, 2017


Why Has Cheerios Been Distributing Seeds of Noxious Invading Species?

March 24, 2017

Cheerios recently announced that it would mail out free wildflower seeds as part of its “Save the Bees” campaign.

The seeds, once planted, were meant to provide more nectar for the declining bee population.

As of Friday, Cheerios had sent out 1.5 billion seeds on behalf of the bees.

There’s one problem with Cheerios’ charitable effort, however: some of the wildflower species included in the packet of seeds can do serious damage to various ecosystems across the US, reports Lifehacker.

Included are seeds for invasive species that are banned in some states for crowding out other species, using up their resources, and even spreading disease.

Maybe it would be best for all concerned if Cheerios dropped the social engineering and envirocrusader posturing and just focused on manufacturing breakfast cereal. It might even help their sales.

Tax Exempt Status Granted for After School Satan Club Amazingly Quickly

March 24, 2017

At last we know how the Tea Party groups held in limbo for as long as 7 years or denied altogether by Obama’s weaponized IRS could have achieved tax-exempt status in no time. All they had to do was claim to worship Satan:

    Documents obtained by Judicial Watch include the process of establishing an after-school Satan club at Point Defiance Elementary in Tacoma. The entity behind the club is a nonprofit called Reason Alliance, which is based in Somerville, Massachusetts, and operates in Washington State as the Satanic Temple of Seattle. … Children ages 5-12 will develop basic critical reasoning, character qualities, problem solving and creative expression, according to the Satanic Temple filings included in the documents. … Records obtained by Judicial Watch from the Treasury Department show that the Satanic cult applied for tax-exempt status on October 21, 2014 and received it on October 31, 2014.

Halloween. Perfect.

The Satanic Temple made it clear that it is only interested in starting after school Satan clubs at schools that already have Christian Good News clubs, in order to counter them. This may be what endeared the Satanists to federal bureaucrats.

Encouragingly, 2 weeks after the Satan club was launched at Point Defiance, no one had signed up for it. They should have launched it in D.C. instead, somewhere near the IRS offices.

Ben Shapiro Explains Why Socialism Is Never a Good Idea

March 19, 2017


The Peoples Republic of New York Introduces the Right for Freedom to Be Forgotten

March 19, 2017

The latest assault on free speech on the Internet comes not from Iran or China but the People’s Republic of New York, where Assemblyman David Weprin has introduced a bill securing the “right to be forgotten.” From the bill:

    Right to be forgotten act. 1. Upon the request from an individual, all search engines, indexers, publishers and any other persons or entities that make available, on or through the internet or other widely used computer-based network, program or service, information about the requester, shall remove information, articles, identifying information and other content about such individual, and links or indexes to any of the same, that is “inaccurate”, “irrelevant”, “inadequate” or “excessive” within thirty days of such request, and without replacing such removed information, article or content with any disclaimer, takedown notice, hyperlink, or other replacement notice, information or content, or cooperating with any other person or entity who does any of the foregoing. For purposes of this section, “inaccurate”, “irrelevant”, “inadequate”, or “excessive” shall mean content, which after a significant lapse in time from its first publication, is no longer material to current public debate or discourse…

The punishment is $250 per day, paid to the person who wants to be “forgotten,” plus lawyer fees.

Imagine trying to run a website that disseminates information if anyone for essentially any reason can demand that you make references to them disappear.

Yet again we see that when leftists bark about upholding some new “right” that no one ever thought of before, what they are doing is attacking actual rights of the sort that are upheld in the Constitution. As Eugene Volokh puts it,

    There is no “right to be forgotten” in the abstract; no law can ensure that, and no law can be limited to that. Instead, the “right” this aims to protect is the power to suppress speech — the power to force people (on pain of financial ruin) to stop talking about other people, when some government body decides that they should stop.

Like much of the Left’s agenda, it is tyranny poorly disguised by an idiot’s conception of rights.
















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