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November 19, 2017


Congressman Backs Banning National Anthem

November 19, 2017

The campaign to escalate from disrespecting the national anthem at NFL games to banning it altogether is gathering steam:

Illinois Democratic Rep. Danny Davis says he sees ‘nothing wrong’ with the California ACLU’s effort to ban the Star Spangled Banner as the country’s national anthem.

Rep. Davis explains why:

“Well, you know, one of the things about the Constitution that our forefathers wrote, and basically, there were none of our foremothers that were there. There were none of our fore-sisters there. There are changes that can take place and there is room to change,” he told TheDC Thursday.

People of this caliber did not used to be members of Congress. Not all changes are for the better.

The campaign has been initiated by the slightly more eloquent Alice Huffman, who is President of the California NAACP. She barks that Star-Spangled Banner “doesn’t represent our community. It’s anti-black people.”

According to Black Lives Matter ideology, our whole country is “anti-black people.” Therefore, it must be abolished, piece by piece.

The pretext for banning the anthem is from the rarely sung third verse:

      No refuge could save the hireling and slave
      From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave

Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics back when slavery was legal, which is reason enough to ban anything, from the leftist point of view. Once every aspect of our heritage that dates to before the Civil War — including the Constitution — has been erased, they will set to work on whatever remains.

This cultural genocide is an incremental process, which is why every last statue and Confederate flag is a hill worth dying on.


D.C. Council to Put Up Statue of Convicted Criminal Marion Barry

November 19, 2017

What will replace the statues of the dead white male oppressors who comprise our history and heritage after cultural Marxists finish tearing them down for being “racist”? Our nation’s capital prepares to demonstrate:

In a meeting Tuesday, the DC Council Committee of the Whole voted unanimously to a measure that would advance the possibility of adding a statue dedicated to the late mayor in front of the Wilson Building.

The Wilson Building houses the Mayor’s office and the Council itself.

Only incompetence prevented the measure from being passed; it was not published in the city register as law requires.

Council Chairman Phil Mendelson … said it is now on the Consent Agenda of non-controversial items that will be passed all together with one vote in the next council session.

Washington Mayor Marion Barry was first and foremost a person of politically preferred pigmentation, thus the statue. More specifically, he is best remembered for the temporary interruption in his career that occurred when he was busted for smoking crack with former girlfriend Rasheeda Moore in a Washington hotel, resulting in the famous quote, “Bitch set me up.”

Other words of wisdom, attributed to Marion Barry at BrainyQuote:

    The laws in this city are clearly racist. All laws are racist. The law of gravity is racist.

    Aside from the murders, DC has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

    The brave men who died in Vietnam, more than 100% of which were black, were the ultimate sacrifice.

    I read a funny story about how the Republicans freed the slaves. The Republicans are the ones who created slavery by law in the 1600’s. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and he was not a Republican.
         A more perfect personification of what our country is being reduced to would be difficult to imagine.

Math Skills Whither Away in Baltimore

November 17, 2017

The historic city of Baltimore is lost:

Project Baltimore analyzed 2017 state testing data and found one-third of High Schools in Baltimore, last year, had zero students proficient in math.

Thirteen high schools had no students at all proficient at math. At another six schools, 1% of students were proficient.

In half the high schools in Baltimore City, 3804 students took the state test, 14 were proficient in math.

On the positive side, Baltimore scores very high marks for diversity. Only 28% of the population is white. Joe Biden ought to love it there.


Jury Fines Developer for Whitewashing Graffiti Artists’ Works

November 17, 2017

A federal jury in New York on Tuesday awarded thousands of dollars in damages to graffiti artists whose work was whitewashed under order of a real estate developer who owned the building they painted on:

The jury only deliberated for about a day, despite having to reach separate verdicts for each of the 49 artworks at issue in the case. Senior U.S. District Judge Frederic Block presided.

During an unprecedented three-week trial, 21 graffiti artists testified, as did defendant Jerry Wolkoff – the building’s owner – art experts and an art buyer.

The case drew national attention due to the renown of the graffiti’s demolished home in Long Island City. Once a tourist attraction and “graffiti mecca,” 5Pointz is now a pair of high-rise luxury apartment buildings.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Eric Baum of Eisenberg & Baum accused Wolkoff of destroying art that was protected under the obscure Visual Artists Rights Act by whitewashing it without warning overnight.

“We know that ignorance of a law is no excuse for violating it,” Baum said in his closing argument Monday. He called the whitewashing “the worst intentional destruction or mutilation of art in U.S. history.”

Wolkoff’s attorney David Ebert of Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti argued street art’s ephemeral nature should have prepared the artists for their work’s disappearance.

“They’re telling you that because I put my artwork on the side of a building, I am entitled to rights that trump your property rights,” Ebert told jurors Monday. He also said none of the artists suffered any actual financial or reputational losses.


Teacher Suspended for Referring to Girl as Girl

November 17, 2017
Thanks Moonbattery!

In a soft tyranny, you probably won’t lose your life for neglecting to pretend that 2 + 2 = 5. But you may lose your job:

A teacher has been suspended and could face the sack after he ‘accidentally’ called a transgender pupil a ‘girl’ in class when the student identifies as a boy.

Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, who teaches maths at a state secondary school in Oxfordshire, said ‘Well done girls’ to the teenager and a friend when he spotted them working hard.

He apologized when corrected by the pupil, but six weeks later he was suspended from teaching after the pupil’s mother lodged a complaint.

Apologies don’t suffice when you have committed a serious thought crime like accidently referring to a girl as a girl even though her mother wants everyone to pretend she is a boy.


About the finger on the button at the White House:

November 12, 2017

In the Oval Office at the White House, on the Resolute desk, which presidents have worked on for generations, there is now a red, circular button. When Trump presses it, a butler immediately brings him a Coke.


Florida condo board seeks to evict tenant over emotional support squirrel

November 12, 2017

A Florida man has been served with an eviction notice over his emotional support squirrel.

Ryan Boylan, 40, of Clearwater, says he needs Brutis to deal with anxiety from a long ago car accident but Island Walk Condominiums says the squirrel needs to vacate the premises because she is putting other residents at risk.

“I am not sure how any animal that weighs less than 2 pounds can harm anyone,” he told WFTS-TV.

Boylan told the station he fell in love with Brutis after nursing her back to health after Hurricane Matthew more than a year ago. The squirrel has the run of Boylan’s apartment. One of her perches is the ceiling fan.

“There’s just no way I would give her up,” he told the station in a report Friday.

The condo board found out about Brutis in April when a dog chased the squirrel up a tree, WFLA-TV reported Friday.
Boyland was served with eviction papers last month.

The complaint says Boylan never submitted paperwork claiming Brutis was an emotional support animal until this past summer, according to the station.

Boylan says his doctor gave him a note for the squirrel in July “due to his emotional disability.”

In response to a discrimination complaint from Boylan, the Florida Office of Human Rights sent the condo board a letter saying that emotional support animals were protected under the Fair Housing Act, the station reported.

“It’s just like with any animal, you can have the nicest dog and they could bite somebody, it’s no guarantee,” Sherry Arfa, a former condo board member, told WFLA. “If it was a gerbil or something that your grandkid had hiding under the bed, I’m sure that would be fine. But a squirrel is a wild animal.”


Teaching Children About Sin Now Considered "Extremist"

November 11, 2017

A Church of England primary school has found itself thrust into an unexpected controversy over an essential doctrine of the Chrisitian faith.  what would seem like a perfectly normal religious instruction to children has a group of parents complaining such teaching is "extremist".

Bowing to pressure, Dan Turvey, the headmaster of St. John's School in Tunbridge Wells, has broken off the 16-year working relationship with CrossTeach, an educational charity group.

What is the "potentially damaging ideology" that the children were exposed to? A group of 25 parents have signed their names to a letter complaining that the children were being taught about our sinful nature and, that because of sin, if they didn't believe in God, "they would not go to a good place when they died." 

The students were said to have been "upset and disturbed emotionally" by this lesson, and as a result, CrossTeach won't be invited to conduct any more assemblies or Bible lessons.

An unnamed parent explained in a statement to the press, "I do know some of the children have been upset by what they have heard. No one minds Nativity plays and Bible stories, but considering most of the parents at the school aren't practicing Christians, I think the feeling is that it's all too much." 

Non-practicing Christians sending their children to a church-run school is not unusual, but when those same parents complain that they are being instructed in the basic tenets of Christianity and advocate for the school to bar further such religious instruction, the irony is overwhelming. 


Harvard Law School Dean Confirms That It Is Not Okay to Be White

November 10, 2017

These days universities are all about inclusivity. But someone at Harvard took the concept a little too far:

    More than a dozen handmade stickers reading “It’s okay to be white” surfaced around Harvard Square Wednesday, prompting Cambridge officials to remove them and a Harvard Law School Dean to denounce the signs as “provocations intended to divide us.”

Inclusivity does not include including the majority population. Like “diversity,” it is a euphemism for cultural Marxism, the explicit purpose of which is to marginalize America’s core population.

















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