University Allows Free Speech for 2 Hours per Week

August 28, 2016

Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin famously said,

“It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.”

This notion has found fertile ground in academia:

A public university in Louisiana has a speech code that permits students to express their beliefs freely for two hours per week at three predetermined locations.

The Northwestern State University policy requires students to apply 24-48 hours in advance before holding a public demonstration or assembly, and limits such activities to “one, 2-hour time period every 7 days, commencing on Monday.”

Public demonstrations are limited to three locations on campus: the Student Union Plaza, Prather Coliseum East Parking Lot and a so-called “Green Space between CAPA and Varnado Hall.”

But at least there is still some free speech, even on a college campus — for now, until someone says something offensive.

Justice Department Wants Employers to Ignore Expired Work Permits

August 28, 2016

The same Unjustice Department that refuses to bring charges against Shrillary despite her flagrant criminal behavior doesn’t mind if you break the law too, if you are employing foreigners from the right kind of country who have expired work permits:

The Justice Department released a video this week encouraging companies not to terminate immigrants after their employment authorization expires, and indicated that doing so is a form of discrimination.

The video is shot in a dimly lit office, where two actors discuss whether their fictional company should let go of some Salvadoran employees who have failed to provide updated paperwork on their immigration status.

It turns out Salvadorans with expired work permits might be able to keep working legally after all, due to a load of B.S. called Temporary Protected Status. Allegedly, El Salvador is so dangerous as a result of being full of Salvadorans that workers should get an extra 6 months to brace themselves before returning.

The Justice Department claims requesting additional work-authorization documents from these workers may violate a provision in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) designed to protect individuals from excessive employer demands based on their nationality.

Now that we have political correctness, we don’t need laws anyway. If you do what is politically correct, the government will tend to leave you alone, regardless of whether it is illegal. If you do what is politically incorrect, the opposite is likely to apply.

Baltimore County Schools Move Toward Grading Equality

August 27, 2016

One of the advantages of the country that will take up the middle of North America after the USA is completely gone is that students won’t have to work hard to get good grades:

Baltimore County Public Schools has adopted a new philosophy as the foundation for its grading system for the first time in 20 years. …

Under the new system, a student’s behavior is factored out of his or her grades. The school system also now recommends that teachers do not factor homework into overall grades or give students marks below 50%.

No more homework, hurray! No more need to behave! 50% credit just for being alive! That’s what any slacker would call progress.

Community Superintendent for Zone 2 George Roberts says low marks can damage a student’s feeling of self-potential.

What would you rather have, potential success, or a “feeling of self-potential”? Before answering, remember that fulfilling actual potential often requires tedious effort.

Under the revised approach, effort, class participation and attendance are also considered factors that distort grades.

Only when grades are based on nothing whatsoever can we achieve true equality in grading. The illiterate, unemployable students will brim over with feelings of self-potential.

European Girls Given Temporary Tattoos to Ward Off Rapists, Punished for Using Mace

August 27, 2016

Germans have finally figured out how to prevent their women from being raped by the conquering hordes of Islamic welfare colonists their treasonous government has been importing:

Young girls at German swimming pools are being given temporary tattoos with the word ‘NO!’ on them in an attempt to put off rapists.

The stick-on messages say ‘no’ in German and English and officials hope they will lead to a fall in sexual assaults at public baths.

The new move comes after increased fears of sex attacks by migrants in the country…

Maybe the tattoos would work better if they said “no” in Arabic, always assuming the “refugees” most prone to raping young girls can read.

The tattoos should be given a try in neighboring Denmark. They won’t work as well as mace, but mace has the drawback that the authorities will punish the victim for using it:

A Danish teenager who said she was sexually assaulted now faces a fine for using pepper spray against her attacker. The man who pulled her to the ground and tried to undress her fled the scene without any charges.

The incident took place in the center of the small town of Sonderborg in southern Denmark at about 10 p.m. local time Wednesday. She told police that an English-speaking man knocked her to the ground, tried to unbutton her pants and undress her.

Given the ongoing epidemic of rapes by Islamic refugees in Europe, odds are high that English is not his native language.

However, she was apparently able to protect herself as she pulled out pepper spray and used it against the man, who escaped the scene and hasn’t been charged.

Police say that the girl may face a fine.

Rodeo Clown Fired for Suggesting That Boys Not Use Girls’ Bathroom

August 26, 2016

As Voltaire is supposed to have said,

We are ruled by a class of morally depraved degenerates. So Robbie Hodges shouldn’t be surprised that he has been fired:

A Michigan rodeo clown is out of a job after he joked about gender identity at the Calhoun County Fair last week.

“You’re either a boy or a girl, y’all understand,” “Rockin’ Robbie Hodges told the audience Thursday. “If you’re confused, then you need help, OK?”

“Everybody in here who’s really sure they’re a boy, raise your hand,” he continued. “If you can tinkle on a fire, you go to the boys room. If you can’t, you go to the girls room, right?”

Bizarrely, suggesting that whether you use the boys’ room or the girls’ room depends on whether you are a boy or a girl is no longer acceptable speech, as it violates the lunatic sexual identity dogma of our cultural Marxist overlords.

Mr. Hodges is an independent contractor with Lost Nations Rodeo Co., which has partnered with the Calhoun County Fair for the second year in a row. The rodeo clown’s boss, Shilo Walden, said Mr. Hodges was fired after the comments were brought to his attention.

Good luck to Hodges; he will need it to find another job in his specialty, as word will quickly spread that he is a thought criminal apt to cause trouble.

Other rodeo clowns will know to keep their mouths shut rather than say anything that might conflict with politically correct ideology. That is how free speech, not to mention humor, dries up and dies.

Air Force Officer Investigated for Having a Bible on His Desk

August 26, 2016

Under liberal rule, the purpose of the military is not to defend America, but to provide a controlled environment in which social engineers can test the plans they will eventually inflict on society as a whole as they impose their notion of utopia. Christianity will have no place in utopia:

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is demanding an Air Force major be “aggressively punished” for having an open Bible on his desk at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colo.

“It [the Bible] is very obviously a statement of Christian preference, Christian primacy,” MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein told me. …

He accused Maj. Steve Lewis, a supervisor at the Reserve National Security Space Institute, of “harboring and encouraging a truly abhorrent example of First Amendment civil rights violations.”

That would be the same First Amendment that explicitly guarantees the free exercise of religion.

Since Weinstein is obviously a lunatic, why should we care if the idea of someone seeing a Bible causes him to carry on like Damien at church in The Omen? Because Obama’s Pentagon hired this guy to purge Christianity from the military.

Whether Major Lewis is punished remains to be seen. For now, inner party members will be delighted to learn that the Bible is no longer on his desk.

How did Weinstein learn of the Bible? An airman who complained to Weinstein described the Bible as a “blatant case of Christian defiance.”

Christian defiance is just what Weinstein is there to rub out.


It's Here! The Planet 9 Climatizer:

August 26, 2016

We will finally start to get our money’s worth out of Big Government, once the Planet 9 Climatizer has been deployed, ensuring optimal weather forever:


Comedian Fined $42,000 for Insensitive Joke

August 25, 2016

Make up your mind, do you want ideological totalitarianism, or do you want humor? You can’t have both:

Canadian comedian Mike Ward was fined a whopping $42,000 by Quebec’s Human Rights Tribunal for jokes he made about a disabled boy.

The child, Jérémy Gabriel, who suffers from Treacher Collins Syndrome, is a bit of a national celebrity in Canada after he sung for the pope in 2006 essentially because everyone thought he did not have long to live. Ward’s joke was a rant about how the child was supposed to die, that he “stole a wish” and is unkillable. Sure, not in great taste, but certainly not in violation of the kid’s “human rights.”

His joke was never televised, but after he talked about the bit in an interview, Gabriel’s parents found out and dragged the comedian to the human rights tribunal last month.

The best evidence that liberal authoritarians are using George Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual may be Canada’s “human rights” tribunals, which are devoted to denying Canadians the fundamental human right of free speech.


Italian Restaurant Is Multiculturally Enriched [SHORT VIDEO]:

August 25, 2016

Want to see Europe’s “refugee” situation encapsulated in under 2 minutes? Here you go:

According to the YouTube description, these are Muslim immigrants from Africa enriching the multicultural tapestry of Villanovaforru, Sardinia, Italy.

What can’t be stolen directly, Big Government will seize and redistribute on their behalf.


Muslims post ‘ISIS Sucks’ billboard in Phoenix, AZ

August 25, 2016

















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