Thanks Moonbattery!

The Washington Post crowed with delight when Nike chose as the face of the company Colin Kaepernick, who is known far more for his radical left politics and flamboyant hatred of the USA than for his former athletic skills. We were told this was a wise move due to America’s demographic transformation. According to a new report from Morning Consult, someone has miscalculated. Among the key findings:

    Nike’s Favorability Drops by Double Digits: Before the announcement, Nike had a net +69 favorable impression among consumers, it has now declined 34 points to +35 favorable.

    No Boost Among Key Demos: Among younger generations, Nike users, African Americans, and other key demographics, Nike’s favorability declined rather than improved.

    Purchasing Consideration Also Down: Before the announcement, 49 percent of Americans said they were absolutely certain or very likely to buy Nike products. That figure is down to 39 percent now.

The report features graphs indicating that Nike has lost ground even among groups it is trying to pander to, such as Democrats, Millennials, and blacks.

With luck, Nike shooting itself in the foot will put an end to the fad of corporations going out of their way to align themselves with far-left viewpoints.

You can see why progressives would want Kaepernick accepted as some sort of hero. Our shared reverence for what the flag and the national anthem represent holds us together as a nation. Destroy that reverence and you have destroyed America. That is the ultimate objective of Cultural Marxism.

Fortunately, people are made of better stuff than the liberal establishment would like to think.